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Insights on Movement: Recent Blog Highlights

Awareness Through Movement lessons – What’s the Point?!

By Gisele St. Hilaire , December 18, 2018 , 0

A couple weeks ago a drop-in student asked me…“Awareness Through Movement (R) lessons – why do them?” She continued…”Can I ask you a really blunt question?” Me: “Sure – of course.” Student: “What’s the point?!! I mean, where are we going with this? Are there like…10 lessons…like a progression?” It seemed to me that she was frustrated and exasperated. She […]

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Finding Your Genius Potential

By Gisele St. Hilaire , August 21, 2018 , 0

Do you think you’re genius material? If you’re like most people I know (yours truly included), although you’d like to be a genius at something, you probably don’t think of yourself as genius material. Why is that? What do you think makes a genius a genius? You’d be surprised what a little time and effort […]

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How to Improve Strength With the Feldenkrais Method

By Gisele St. Hilaire , December 10, 2016 , 0

Meg found out the hard way. She found out just how important it is to understand how to improve strength with the Feldenkrais Method after a shocking surprise. No one, least of all Meg, could have imagined how her life would change. Meg walked into surgery more or less fine. But she walked out with a […]

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Lionhearted Listening: The Feldenkrais MethodⓇ and Love

By Gisele St. Hilaire , November 8, 2016 , 3

Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about what constitutes strength. Through listening to my own experiences and exploring ways to integrate my history of traumas and my weaknesses these past few months. Through sharing my experiences with my husband Sean and dear friends. Through negotiating a new friendship. Through mindfulness practices and reading wise words […]

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Jet Fuel for Awareness Through Movement® Lessons: Curiosity

By Gisele St. Hilaire , August 13, 2016 , 4

In the last post, Learning Your Way to Wellness: It’s Not What You Think, I wrote about the difference between a couple of types of learning (intellectual vs. Immersion/experiential).  I shared how my transition from pain to wellness required deep immersion learning about myself as a mover. The distinction between studying a movement and studying […]

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Learning Your Way to Wellness: It’s Not What You Think

By Gisele St. Hilaire , August 5, 2016 , 0

In the last blog post, I promised we’d take a deeper look at one of the two elements that contain all the details of how I made the transition from pain to wellness using the Feldenkrais MethodⓇ. Those two elements were: Deeply embracing the fact that life is a process Becoming an awesome learner I […]

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