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Insights on Movement: Recent Blog Highlights

Finding Wellness Through Holding Better Questions

By Gisele St. Hilaire , July 29, 2016 , 2

After a post I wrote called, How the Feldenkrais MethodⓇ Changed One Woman’s Life, a reader, Angie, commented: “Thanks Gisele for sharing your story. It is very inspiring. I’d love to hear more about the transition from pain to wellness, details of how that happened.” [Emphasis mine] The request for the “…details of how that […]

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Walking With Grace and Ease – It’s Like Floating

By Gisele St. Hilaire , July 22, 2016 , 2

In the last post, I wrote about the health benefits of walking, not the least of which was consolidating learning from Awareness Through MovementⓇ and Functional IntegrationⓇ lessons. In it, I hinted at a couple of things that make walking more graceful and effortless. Today’s post is going to quickly make those things clearer. One […]

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Walking: A Healthful Path to Simple Elegance

By Gisele St. Hilaire , July 9, 2016 , 0

As a FeldenkraisⓇ practitioner, I’m often asked, “What’s the best type of exercise for me to start doing now that I’m feeling better?” I have many clients who’ve had to stop doing most of the activities they used to enjoy because of injury, pain, or illness. Once they start moving and feeling better, they want […]

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Breathing: The Key to Moving Better Instantly

By Gisele St. Hilaire , July 4, 2016 , 0

“Listen, are you breathing just a little and calling it a life?”  ~Mary Oliver Breathing is essential. Every inspiration, a reaffirmation of living. Every expiration, a release. You can go a long, long time without eating (on the order of weeks). A surprisingly long time without drinking (I’ve been shocked to learn just how long […]

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The Antidote for the “Proper Posture Epidemic”: Reversible Acture

By Gisele St. Hilaire , June 28, 2016 , 0

Quality Movement is Better than “Proper” Posture If you’ve been following along in this series, you’ve picked up on the fact that “proper posture” is not the answer to pain-free or quality movement. (Want Quality Movement? Learn the Less is More Rule) Still, you might be thinking this is just crazy, contrarian talk… It’s all well and […]

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Just Do It! Dealing With Resistance The Feldenkrais® Way

By Gisele St. Hilaire , June 17, 2016 , 0

We’re up to Part 3 of our 5 Part Series on what makes for Quality Movement. You can find Part 1 here: Want Quality Movement? Learn the Less is More Rule And Part 2 here: Effortless Effort: The Path to Power & Grace In those first two posts we looked at the myths related to good posture, […]

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