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The Most Overlooked Aspect of Movement

There are three aspects to movement:

  • manipulation - your muscles contracting to move your bones
  • timing - when your muscles contract in relation to each other and the objects in the world
  • orientation - the direction in which you organize your actions

This last one is either so taken for granted, or completely left out as being an essential part of moving with more comfort, grace, ease and power that it's simply never talked about or addressed.

But if you think about it for just a second, you can understand Dr. Feldenkrais' statement:

An action that has no timing or orientation is an idiot excitation - that is all."

If you've been doing the good work of doing exercises or stretches, attending classes like yoga or pilates, heck even Awareness Through Movement(R) classes....

If you've been seeing a health care practitioner like a physiotherapist, massage therapist, osteopath, chiropractor...

But the results are limited or temporary --- you probably aren't addressing this important aspect of movement: orientation.

During a weekend workshop I called "The Places You'll Go" students learned about the importance of clarifying the orienting aspect of their movements...

...noticing when they were doing things that prevented them from moving where the wanted to go with effortlessness...

...and then providing them with tools to unlearn those habits while creating new ways of moving better.

So often, what makes movement difficult is that parts of person are actually moving in the opposite direction of the one they intend.

Don't get me wrong! There are times when counter-movement, or counter-levering is a great movement strategy/pattern. But too often, it's used at the wrong time for the wrong things.

This workshop makes all this much, much clearer. And that makes everything you do - better!

The Awareness Through Movement lessons from that workshop have been recorded for you to do at home. 


Exactly what sort of Awareness Through Movement lessons are these?

Well, there's a core series embedded in the 10 lessons that are all about orienting up. These lessons help you feel all the ways you keep yourself down that you probably don't even realize your doing. Once you know this more clearly, you can start to unlearn those habits, and start to move up without effort. 

These particular lessons are also fantastic for freeing your shoulders - as an extra nice side benefit. In reality, these lessons help free not only your shoulders, but also your chest, spine and hips too!

Along with this core series of lessons, there are other important lessons:

  • a lesson to free your head and neck to make orienting for action in any direction much clearer
  • a breathing lesson to give you the support you need in your trunk to help eliminate the unwanted actions that keep you 'pinned in place' and prevent you from moving easily in the direction you want
  • a lesson to help free up your shoulders so the later lessons are more potent
  • another orientation lesson but instead of 'up' it's in another direction so you don't get trapped in the false belief that it's always about going 'up'

But you'll also get so much more...

  • All 10 Awareness Through Movement lessons 
  • Mini Movement Awareness Primers or MMAP's:
    • These are short snippets (7-15 mins) of lessons you can do every single day to make it easy for you to refresh what you've learned through the full lesson without taking a ton of time. Not only is this time saving, it helps make the learning stick!
  • Videos
    • If you need to adapt the lessons for your unique needs, you'll get ideas here
    • You'll see examples of how to apply what you're learning to everyday activities
    • You'll be guided through a little experiment to make aspects of movement in the lessons and in life clearer
  • Talks
    • Short talk about orienting for movement to help bring home the experiences you have from the lessons
    • A very important talk about the use of attention and how one small but profound shift in how you use your attention can make a massive difference in the quality and clarity of your orienting - and it's something you can do anywhere, anytime
  • And more...
  • All accessible from your Dashboard on my website so you can access all of it on any device anywhere without using up memory/storage on your devices 
  • Download links for everything so you can be sure you'll always have access without relying on my site or internet connections working

The benefits you'll notice can include any or all of the benefits that people in the workshop reported:

  • much greater freedom in their neck
  • taller and lighter
  • lifting became easier
  • better balance
  • getting up from a chair or from kneeling got so much easier
  • more comfort and ease in general
  • less anxiety
  • feeling more powerful
  • having a greater spring in their step
  • yoga taken to a new level

My Guarantee

As always, I give you my guarantee.

If you don't notice a difference in how you move after doing the program, I'll give you a full refund, no questions asked.

But...before you decide if this program is for you, let me tell you who this program is NOT for....

This program is NOT for you if:

  • If you've never done any Awareness Through Movement lessons before. If that's the case, look into other home learning programs I offer before doing this one. 
  • You have a severe shoulder injury. If it's a chronic or mild shoulder problem, you can adapt the lessons and the workshop will likely help your shoulder(s). 
  • You can't lie comfortably on your back on the floor
  • You can't get up and down from the floor on your own
  • You don't take responsibility for yourself, and/or don't care for yourself and/or you follow directions blindly no matter the consequence to yourself and/or expect something or someone else to fix you

If you're interested in this program, but are unsure if it's for you, contact me and I'll help you with your decision.

But if you know none of the above apply to you and...

If you would like to make any and all movements...

...all activities...

...all of life fuller, richer, easier, better...

Learn to Orient for Action! 

Orienting For Action Home Study Course
$109 CND

Address the Most Overlooked Aspect of Movement: Orienting