In a brilliant textbook on human development, the author opens with the statement that goes something like this:

If you cannot shift your weight, you cannot move.

This is a such a profound statement!
And yet, this fact is completely taken for granted by most.
Your ability to shift your weight easily and efficiently with any and all parts of you determines your ability to:
  • move comfortably
  • feel good
  • feel light
  • feel more energetic and even...
  • for many -- happier!

Shifting weight is about having a dynamic, effective relationship with the ground.

When you know how to use the ground so you're neither pushing or pinning yourself to the ground, nor hauling or holding yourself away from the ground -- you open yourself to remarkable improvements in your quality of movement. 
As this dynamic, easy relationship between yourself and the ground improves you will decrease:
  • unnecessary compression in your joints and spine
  • stresses and strains from shearing forces across your spinal discs and other joint ligaments that can cause real damage
  • wasted energy and effort
  • chance of injury
  • sense of heaviness (both literally and figuratively - after all - we are embodied beings)

Not only will you feel better, you'll start to feel your natural power.

You'll learn that power isn't just about being strong.
Often, it's the stronger people that put in even more unnecessary stress and strain than the average person to do everyday activities. They also have more strength to do themselves even more damage than average folks because of the internal strains they can generate within their systems.

No.   Core stability is not about being strong!

At least not primarily so.

Core stability and power comes primarily from knowing how to organize (or co-ordinate) your movements so you take advantage of the ground and your skeleton.
That's what this program is about. And here's what you'll get...
  • 10 Awareness Through MovementⓇ lessons.

    10 lessons that will reprogram your brain so you can organize your movements to take every advantage of using the ground effectively so you feel light and free!

  • Designed As An Intensive Challenge That Maximizes Your Learning

    The Challenge: 10 lessons in 12 days. You'll receive one lesson per day for 5 days. Then 2 days rest. Then another lesson each of the next 5 days. The order of the lessons was deliberately developed to take advantage of the mechanisms that lead to enhanced learning. This includes the 2 day rest in the middle of the challenge. You will progress through more challenging lessons as the series goes on.

  • Mimi-Movement Awareness Primers (MMAP's)

    Short 7-12 minute snippets to make the work easy to incorporate into your everyday life.

  • Download the Entire Program

    You have the choice to download everything if you want.

  • Access from anywhere in the world on any device

    Take the program with you and do the lessons anywhere, anytime, on any device without having to download all the material. If you've got internet access, you can login to your course and stream your lessons from any device.

  • Lifetime access

    You can repeat the lessons as many times as you like. Downloads and streaming access are yours for life.

  • The "Feel the Difference" 100% Money Back Guarantee

    If you do all the lessons, and feel no difference in the quality of your movements, I'll give you a 100% refund.

And here's what you'll learn, and how you'll feel...

  • Feel How Easy Movement Can Be!

    When you know how to organize yourself in relation to the ground, you'll be absolutely surprised how light you'll feel and effortlessly you'll move.

  • Grow Your Sense of Well-Being

    Learning, experimenting, discovering through these lessons will help you find a grace and flow that will give you a wonderful sense of well-being.

  • Access The ROOT of YOUR "Core Stability"

    Core stability is all the rage, and it should be. Its just that its often not clearly understood. Strength does not equal core stability. You must know how to co-ordinate or organize yourself to have true core stability. This series will teach you how.

  • Feel Lighter - Feel Better!

    You will learn how movement was meant to be. Relieve your aches and pains. Recover from injury. Have the confidence to be able to do the things you love without flaring up.

  • Lorraine Mueller -Winnipeg, MB.
    This work is so powerful. Again, I’ll just reiterate, it gets to the root of the problem. Its changed how I move and how I live, really....It’s been life changing.
    Lorraine Mueller -Winnipeg, MB.

Find Your Power, Grace and Flow

Your relationship with the ground dramatically affects how easy lifting, pushing, pulling and pretty much anything and everything you do is. Learn to organize yourself in a way that allows you to stay long and strong and take advantage of the ground and you'll feel more ease and power than ever before. 

Yes! I want everything I do to feel lighter and easier!
  • Denise Pauls -Winnipeg, MB.
    I have been amazed by the expanse of my bodies breathing apparatus, stunned that my abs can be worked hard with such gentleness and thrilled that when I look in the mirror I can see the position of my shoulders, in relation to my neck and chest, are wider and feel more relaxed.
    Denise Pauls -Winnipeg, MB.
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10 Awareness Through Movement® Lessons with Lifetime Access

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10 Awareness Through Movement® lessons with Lifetime Access

Lifetime access to all the upcoming MMAP's

Lifetime access to all future updates and bonuses

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to do the series as a challenge doing all 10 lessons over 12 days?

No. You certainly are not obliged to do all the lessons within 12 days. Although, you will get much more form the program if you do the lessons as close to that rate as possible. My suggestion is that the first time through, you try to do about 3 lessons a week.

How long are the lessons?

The length of the lessons varies, but on average you should block off about 60 minutes for each lesson.

What if I'm struggling with pain? Can I still do this program?

Yes! The beauty of this work is that the most important changes you're looking for are in your brain -- in your motor plans (the way your brain organizes your movements). This means that you can do the lessons in your imagination and still get great benefit from the lessons!
It is well known through neuroscience scanning techniques that when you imagine yourself moving, you still activate the parts of the brain that would be activated if you were actually doing the movement. I've had many clients who have had to do large sections, if not entire lessons in their imagination so as not to cause increased pain, and they feel much better after lessons -- better posture, greater ease, more comfort, increased well-being and so forth.

What do you mean when you say "strength does not equal core stability"?

There are huge numbers of people with great strength in their abs and back who herniate their discs. I've seen body builders who injury their backs picking up a kleenex from the floor. I've seen powerful professional hockey players with poor core stability --- not for lack of raw strength for sure. They lack the co-ordination that is required to have "core stability". I often put that phrase in quotes  because it has such strong connotations associated with it. If I were to use any of the jargon out there, I'd probably use "dynamic stability" instead. Very petite, young, "non-buff" people can have better "core stability" (or dynamic stability) then those with 6 pack abs and raw muscle strength. It comes down to how you organize what you've got. And --- it isn't just about abdominal and back muscles. Its about your pelvic floor, your diaphragm and in fact your entire self. Learn to use your entire self well! Then, whatever raw muscle strength you do have will be put to good use!

  • Joe Kelly -Toronto, ON
    It was only Gisele’s clear explanation that got me over this hurdle of not truly understanding how to get rid of unnecessary effort. Not only is my back improved, but I am now feeling better than I ever have in my adult life.
    Joe Kelly -Toronto, ON

Clarify the Fundamentals of Awesome, Flowing Movement and FEEL BETTER

Feel more comfortable. Feel lighter. Feel your natural power.

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