Walking Feet in Desert

Better walking, posture and balance with more comfort, ease & efficiency:

A 10 week  Awareness Through MovementⓇ self-study audio program.

This series includes 10 Awareness Through Movement lessons, as well as over 30 Mini Movement Awareness Primers

Ultimately, you will find yourself walking

  • more efficiently and effortlessly
  • with better posture
  • and more flowing, natural movements ---

 all without striving.

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The Overview

This series is intended for you to do over a 10 week period.

Each week, you will have one full-length Awareness Through Movement lesson.

Each of the other 6 days of the week, you'll have a short Mini-Movement Awareness Primer™ you can do either immediately before going for a walk, or just before going to sleep at night.

Awareness Through Movement lessons

These are ingenious movement lessons in the Feldenkrais MethodⓇ and are the meaty backbone of the program.

These lessons change the motor plans your brain creates for your movements. This improves your movements from the root source of movement production -- your brain.

Mini Movement Awareness Primers™

These provide you with short, bite-sized movement awareness reminders to help you consolidate the learning from the full Awareness Through Movement lessons.

These make it easy for you to keep learning from the week's Awareness Through Movement lesson without having to repeat the full-length lessons again and again. Your learning will be more manageable and efficient which makes you more likely to actually do the work!

The Outline

The series begins from the ground up...

The first lesson addressing the function, suppleness, and responsiveness of your feet. The lesson helps you to connect, integrate and co-ordinate your feet with your legs. It also makes your feet more dextrous, enabling you to connect with the ground with greater adaptability. These are crucial components of balance and effortless walking.

Then you'll explore the relationship between your head and pelvis. Here you'll be developing greater flexibility in your spine, as well as improving the carriage and freedom of your head. This is another critical component of good balance and effortless motion.

From there you'll move onto lessons that will help free your hip joints and hip flexors while integrating your legs and spine for easier walking.

The later portion of the series focuses more on standing lessons...

In these lessons, you'll learn more about shifting your weight and finding your true, effortless length, while clarifying your hip joints and their relationship to both your feet and your spine.

These later lessons will also help you find the true source of your power by awakening the area of your pelvis and hips where all your largest muscles live. This is the true source of your power. When you're movement originate from this place, you move with greater ease, efficiency, flow and grace.

Here are just a few examples of results you can expect from the program:

But before I show you these "before and after" pictures, it's important for you to know that these changes happened spontaneously. In other words, these people were not trying to correct their posture! They were not trying to do anything - except move with ease. When they walked for the videos form which these pictures were taken, they were not asked to do anything in particular. In fact, they were invited to walk as they might walk when going out to get coffee with a friend.

This speaks to the beauty of the Feldenkrais Method and Awareness Through Movement lessons:

You aren't going to be trying to "fix" or "correct" yourself in any way! 

You are going to learn to move more naturally simply by using your awareness and letting the inherent intelligence of your nervous system and its wonderful qualities of neuro-plasticity do its thing!

KenProfileTspineNeckHeadHere you can see Ken before (on the left) with his upper back and head curving away from the vertical in a pronounced way. On the right you can see he is taller and more erect with his head coming to be carried more over his pelvis instead of in front of it.


ValerieSpineHeadRelativeto90Here as well, you can see that Val's head was quite forward before the series (picture on the left) and afterwards she is much more erect with her head more inline with her pelvis.



ValerieHead82to88OtherWayOn left is Val walking before the program, and you can see that when she brings her weight to her left leg, she shortens her entire left side and her head tilts significanlty from the horizontal. On the right her head is very near vertical and she maintains her length much better throughout her left side.


ValeriePelvis6to2Sh9to2Here is Val again, and you can see that before the progam (picture on the left) she drops the left side of her pelvis and shoulder when she comes to her right leg. After the program, you can see a dramatic improvement.



And, once again, you can see here on the left, that before the series, Jane's head is well ahead of the vertical, she is shortened through her spine, and you might even notice the sense of effort in her arms. On the left, Jane is taller, longer, her head is more over her pelvis, her arms are at ease and her eyes are on the horizon.  

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These are just examples of the sorts of changes that are visible in still photographs... The experience of ease, grace and power people feel from doing these lessons is often difficult to describe in words. The generalized sense of improved movement is global, pervasive and holistic. Although often difficult to describe, the feeling of well being is something palpable --- a real, tangible, concrete felt experience.

The experience of ease, grace and power people feel from doing these lessons is often difficult to describe in words.

The generalized sense of improved movement is global, pervasive and holistic. Although often difficult to describe, the feeling of well-being is something palpable --- a real, tangible, concrete felt experience.

There is no guarantee that you yourself will experience these or any other changes. It all depends on you, where you are starting from, whether or not you are consistent with your practice, and how you do the lessons. And --- know that I will give you all the information you need to do the lessons with the best chance for positive change. :-)

Again, here is what you get with the program:

  • Introductory video

  • Written guidelines to get the best out of your time and enhance your learning

  • 10 Awareness Through Movement lessons, mp3 audio format (between 35 and 60 minutes each). These can be streamed and/or downloaded.

  • 33 Mini-Movement Awareness Primers™ (between 7 and 10 minutes each). These too can be streamed and/or downloaded.

  • Super easy way to mark your favourite lessons for future reference.
  • Lifetime access to any updates or added content

Each week you will receive a new Awareness Through Movement lesson and all the Mini-Movement Awareness Primers™ that accompany that lesson. This way, you're not overwhelmed by the huge list of files and all the information at once. It will also help you stay on track and do the lessons in the order they were intended for your first run through.

At the end of the 10 weeks, you'll have the whole program available to stream or download anytime you like. At that point you may choose to review the Awareness Through Movement lessons in any order you like. And you can keep doing Mini-Movement Awareness Primes™ before your walks or whenever is convenient for you as often as you like.

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  • Diane Sabourin
    Gisele, I wish to thank you for helping me prepare to walk the Camino de Compostella. We walked approximately 20 km a day on all kinds of terrain and landscape. Of course, it was a challenge, certainly not a “stroll in the park”. I was amazed at how “doable” walking 800 km with a back pack is in spite of having issues with my spine when one is “able to carry and balance the load”. I experienced hardly any back pain. I credit your Feldenkrais work with me for that. Thank you for your support!
    Diane Sabourin
  • Carol Runions
    I had an outstanding experience of the power of Feldenkreis when I was preparing for a backpacking trip to Corsica and other places in Italy, Germany and France that would span a total of 6 weeks. I visited Gisele to help me learn to carry a load on my back over many hours on consecutive days. She and I worked together for me to feel "centred", to know what that meant in my body, to be able to find that place easily. Whenever a knee, hip, back would begin to draw my attention, I'd stop on the trail, go into the memory of "centre", feel the ease that came with that sensation and continue down the trail. It worked each time that I needed a reminder. That challenging trip remains among my best travel memories."
    Carol Runions