Getting Back Your Back

Getting Back Your Back

Series of Awareness Through Movement® Lessons

- Support -
Spinal Skeletal Power

When you know how to transmit forces through your spinal column, instead of across your soft tissues, you'll not only feel stronger and lighter, you'll move with ease and comfort.

Everything you do will get easier.

- Suppleness -
Awaken ALL of Your Spine

When you begin to unlock the freedom throughout the entire length of your spine, your rib basket and hips, you distribute the work of any one part of your spine throughout your whole spine, indeed your whole selfso nothing is overworked or overstressed.

- Skill -
Move Effortlessly

You'll learn how to get rid of extra, wasted, inefficient muscular work. The increased efficiency in your movements with bring you a sense of lightness and ease and grace. And you'll learn how to regain this way of moving if you ever find you've lost it again.




Most people think improving their back requires strengthening, stretching and posture fixing.

And most people still suffer even after doing all the exercises prescribed and trying to improve their posture.


Because they're not getting to the root of the problem:

Their movement patterns.

It doesn't matter how strong you are if your movement patterns are terrible.

In fact, the stronger you are, the more damage you can cause your joints and soft tissues.

To get at this root problem, you need to improve your movement patterns.

Awareness Through Movement® lessons are one of the absolute best ways to do this.

With this program you'll get six full length Awareness Through Movement® lessons.

No cutting corners in this program.

These lessons start by helping you co-ordinate movements from the greatest source of all power for human movement, your pelvis.

You'll also feel how to transmit forces along the length of your spine, connecting it from tip to tail.

You'll gain strong yet supple skeletal support, reducing  excessive muscle tension while relieving stresses and strains on your discs and joints.

You'll also learn how to organize your hips joints without the usual compromising of the spine that most people use.

You'll integrate the improvements of your spine with your limbs.

And to finish off, you'll explore how to find more length and support through your back in upright posture.

Why does all this matter?

Because you want to be free to do all the stuff you love doing without worrying about hurting your back.

Life's too short to suffer needlessly.

Start Getting Back Your Back today for only $57 and start doing more of the stuff you love doing.

- Your Special -


If you don't feel any difference after doing all the lessons in the series, I'll give you your money back, no questions asked.

Make the impossible possible,
the possible easy,

~Moshe Feldenkrais


It was only Gisele's clear explanation that got me over this hurdle [confusion about how I actually move, not just how I thought I moved]. So now I can move forward at a greater rate!

I am now feeling better than I ever have in my adult life. ~Joe Kelly

Before going to see Gisèle I had extreme pain in my back and legs from sacro-iliac (SI) joint problems and bulging discs.

Life is so much better since working with Gisèle. My back is a thousand times better. Not only am I able to return to the activities I love like taking my dogs for long walks and gardening, but also more adventurous things like travel, hiking, canoeing and camping. And I'm also so much more optimistic about growing older.

I feel like I've got my life back and that the future is hopeful.  ~Valerie Regehr

Just to let you know [Gisele] that my back felt exponentially better. Thank you! So appreciate the good work you do. ~Karen

Getting Back Your Back

$57 CAD One Time
  • 6 Full Awareness Through Movement® Lessons
  • Program Upgrades & Bonuses Free for Life
  • 90 Day Risk Free Money Back Guarantee
  • Get at the Source of the Problem
  • ~$45 US