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Frequently Asked Questions

I've never done Awareness Through Movement® lessons before, is this for me?

Yes. These lessons are for everyone from beginners to the very experienced. I'll be highlighting the very fundamentals of quality human movement. Fundamentals are worth returning to and honing by everyone -- just like with athletes or musicians -- fundamentals are good for beginners and experts.

Should I wait until my pain isn't so bad?

You should never embark on any program against medical advice. As long as you're cleared for activity, you can participate in these lessons. The point of these lessons is to help you overcome your pain -- so no, you do not have to wait. As long as you can get up and down from the floor safely, you can do these lessons. And, if some position or move is a problem for you, you can adapt it, make an approximation, do it in your imagination, or skip that variation.

If this program just for people who have pain?

No. This program highlights the foundations of quality human movement which is often completely overlooked by other professionals, fitness trainers and movement instructors. Improving the foundations will improve all activities, movements, and actions from athletics/sports, to musicians and dancers, to those of us just wanting to enjoy feeling great.

I'm a visual learner - are these lessons in video format with demonstrations? 

Although I do have a video demo in the program, what makes Awareness Through Movement® lessons so effective is that you are guided to sense, feel and have your unique needs met while discovering that you have the skills to sort much out for yourself! And so, the Awareness Through Movement® lessons themselves are in audio format. You don't want to imitate anyone else. You want to sense yourself, not watch someone else. You have your own unique needs and you have the tools to be your own best teacher. I'll show you how.

I want someone to show me and tell me exactly what to do - like a recipe - a quick fix - will this be like that?

No. This is a program is for people who want to take control of their lives and their health; who want to know, understand and be more aware of themselves. This program is for people who want lasting benefit and the tools and skills they can draw on for months and years to come.

Are the lessons in this program hard to do?

The movements in these lessons are simple. And I'll be encouraging you to "do even less". You get more from the lessons if you do the moves slowly and with ease. Your brain then has the ability to make the beneficial changes quicker and easier. But don't let me fool you. Just because the moves are simple, doesn't mean they are always easy ;-). Not to worry. If you follow the guidance I give to "do even less", "look for ease" and "never do anything to increase your pain", you'll find the lessons very enjoyable to do.