- Shoulder Awareness Through Movement® Program -

The Free Your Shoulders, Arms and Hands course is more than just a Shoudler Awareness Through Movement program.

This program is effective for recovery from many shoulder issues, such as:

  • rotator cuff injuries
  • frozen shoulder
  • rehab after breaking your collarbone
  • stiff shoulders

But it is also wonderful for recovering from elbow, wrist and hand issues such as:

  • tennis elbow
  • golfers elbow
  • mild carpel tunnel
  • rehab after a wrist fracture

And this program is not only for recovering from injuries.

The Awareness Through Movement lessons in this program are also beneficial for your neck and upper back and become more dextrous with your hand for musicians and artists.

Release & Ease

Release unnecessary muscle tension which causes stress and strain on soft tissues and joints without having to do a single stretch.

Quality Movement

Have the efficient, quality, functional movement to do more of the things you love doing without hesitation, pain or distractions.

Become More Whole

Integrate your arms and hands into your activities -- instead of thinking you have an injury or problem you have to protect, move spontaneously, with confidence and freedom.

Awareness Through Movement® Lessons

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Rehab exercises for injuries and problems of the shoulders, arms or hands don’t work for far too many people. 

Maybe you’ve had enough of the pain that can come on suddenly doing the simplest of things like picking up the kettle, or a cartoon of milk. 

Or not being able to do the stuff you love that’s also a great stress reliever for you like picking up your instrument to play some music..

Or finding yourself saying no to friends or family who’ve invited you to join them for a swim, ski,  or a game of tennis or whatever your favourite sport is.

You know this isn’t good for you, your work or your well being... 

You know it’s important for you to stay active, but it’s harder to do the stuff you’d usually do because of the pain.

You’re not able to do the things you love, some of which are your ways to recharge and re-energize. 

And saying no to fun with friends and family creates distance between you and the people you care about.

I know it can be frustrating. So many of my clients have told me about their frustrations because they’ve tried a bunch of stuff already before coming to see me. 

They’ve been frustrated by all the advice from professionals that can even be contradictory…

One says they need to do a bunch of strengthen exercises another says no strengthening b/c they think you need mobility and flexibility exercises.

Others say you have to  “fix your posture”... 

Then there are those who recommend injections, medications or surgery.

And then there are the medical professionals who have nothing to offer and say “you just have to live with it.” 

I don’t want you to continue feeling frustrated. 

I want you to get results -- longer lasting results.

Most people don’t realize that the location of the symptoms is not the source of the problem.

So if you have pain in your shoulder or arm, the problem may be stemming from your neck, trunk, or somewhere else. 

The biggest reason that so many other things haven’t worked is that they aren’t getting at the source of your problem

You doesn’t matter how much strength you have or how stretchy your muscles are if you’re brain doesn’t co-ordinate your movements in a truly coherent, functional way

The real source of the problem is the movement patterns you’ve acquired.

What creates and controls your movement patterns? As you know - you’re brain.

You have to change your brain!

This is what the work I do is GREAT at.

The changes have to happen at the level of your brain so your movement patterns become efficient and  well coordinated...

With everything working together in harmony -- and your shoulders, arms and hands are supported by the rest of yourself.

In the Freeing Your Shoulders, Arms & Hands program...

You’ll be getting at the root source of the problems.

And you’ll feel first hand, from the very first lesson, how improving your underlying, general movement patterns will improve your comfort right away.

You’ll feel how getting your whole spine as well as your shoulder blades well organized not only helps your shoulders and arms, but also your entire posture.

You’ll feel how freedom of your ribs is crucial to ease in your shoulders and arms.

With the six lessons in this  program, not only will your sitting feel better, YOU’ll feel better doing pretty much whatever you want to do

- Your Special -
"Feel the Change" Guarantee


If you don't feel a change after doing all the lessons in the program, I'll give you a full refund, no questions asked.

Gisele exceeded any expectations I had and delivered an excellent workshop. She is a great teacher. ~Sandrina Harwood

What an incredibly beautiful, luxurious feeling to be moving a part that has been stuck for lord knows how long. It's empowering.  ~Indira Rampersad

[The Feldenkrais Method] is certainly an art that has greatly influenced my taiji, physiotherapy, relationships and child rearing. ~Rebecca Atkinson

The Hand

~Imanual Kant

Free Your Shoulders, Arms & Hands

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  • 6 Awareness Through Movement® Lessons
  • Upgrades & Bonuses Free for Life
  • 90 Day Risk Free "Feel the Change" Guarantee
  • Get at the Source of the Problem
  • ~$45 US
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