- An Awareness Through Movement® Program -

For You, Not Just Your  Neck

Get more freedom of your neck and eyes and you'll not only feel more comfort and ease in your neck. Why? Becuase there are deep and powerful connections between your inner ear, neck and eyes that regulate the muscles throughout your entire body!

Quality Muscle Activation

Those powerful connections noted to the left --You'll get a profound change in the activation of what are known as your "anti-gravity" muscles. When these are activated properly, you'll have an amazing feeling of support that'll feel effortless. You'll move with more efficiency and lightness.

Become More Whole

When your eyes and head a free and integrated with the rest of you, you just feel good. Really good. You'll feel and ease and comfort that will give you the freedom and inspiration to do more of the things you love doing. And isn't that what you really want? To live your life the way you want?




The reason stretches, exercises, pillows, posture correction and so many other things often don’t work is because they’re not getting to the root of the problem.

As you know, your neck is only one part of you. If you’re not giving your neck the support it needs from free and easy movement from the rest of you ---  you ribs, the rest of your spine and your pelvis in particular --- your neck will work harder than it should.

The source of the problem is too often the general, overall movement patterns you’ve acquired.

And, as you know, the source of your movement patterns is your brain.

The changes have to happen at the level of your brain so your movement patterns become efficient, well coordinated, with everything working together in harmony.

With the Free Your Head Neck and Eyes program you’ll be getting at the root source of the problems and you’ll feel first hand, from the very first lesson, how improving your underlying, general movement patterns will improve your neck. 

You’ll feel how organizing your ribs and spine will give you more ease and support for your neck. 

You’ll feel how your eyes and  neck work intimately together and how improving the way they coordinate with each other will have dramatic effects on the movement and comfort of your neck (let alone on your eyes, reading and your balance).

You’ll also get a first hand feel for how your pelvis is a hugely supportive aspect of any movement you do, including those of your head and neck.

With the six lessons in this  program, not only will your head feel lighter, YOU’ll feel lighter. You’ll breathe easier and you’ll move with more freedom and more comfort….

Y.o.u.’.l.l feel BETTER.

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I spent the last week doing the course on the eyes. My eyes have been getting very tired and this lesson series has been changing my body in all sorts of wonderful ways. ~Jon Osborne

What an incredibly beautiful, luxurious feeling to be moving a part that has been stuck for lord knows how long. It's empowering...  ~Indira Rampersad

Quite a meditative process and ultimate experience of decompression for me, especially the right side of my neck and jaw! Thanks.  ~Pat Allen


 "Feel the Change" Guarantee


If you don't feel a change after doing all the lessons in the program, I'll give you a full refund, no questions asked.

“The ability to twist the body into the appropriate position and get up from the ground is obviously of critical importance to the survival of any animal and this is why it is “doubly ensured” by the reflex system.

But among the various systems involved it is particularly notable how changes in the position of the head relative to the rest of the body, through the mediation of the neck, have major effects throughout the whole of the body’s musculature.”

~Moshe Feldenkrais


Free Your Head Neck & Eyes

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  • Get at the Source of the Problem
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