- Awareness Through Movement® Program -

Spinal Alignment

Spinal alignment doesn't come from "posture fixing". It comes from awakening every joint, every bone of your spine and awakening the deep, natural reflexes for upright posture. The lessons in this program do just that. Giving your a dynamic, flexible, supportive spine.

Head & Arms

When the deep, natural reflexes for upright posture are reawakened by the lessons in this program, you'll find the support your head and arms need to feel light and comfortable so you can do whatever you're doing with ease, leaving you free to think, create and concentrate on the task at hand.

Quality Movement

With an active, dynamic spine and light and free head and arms, you'll find all your movements begin to feel better, easier, more comfortable. You'll fatigue less. And you'll enjoy whatever things you do in sitting more, whether at work, playing music, at the theatre or travelling...




Believe me, I know what it’s like having nagging pain that’s made worse with sitting because of my own injuries but I figured things out.

Enough of the days at work sitting at your desk not being able to concentrate because the nagging pain is so distracting. 

Or not being able to do the stuff you love that’s also a great stress reliever for you like sitting down to play piano because your back is too sore.

Or finding yourself saying no to friends or family who’ve invited you to dinner, or the theatre because you can’t bear the thought of sitting for the whole evening.

Enough of posture correcting exercises, stability exercises and stretches that aren't getting you where you want to be.

I want you to get results quicker and easier. 

And I want you to get LASTING results.

Most people don’t realize that sitting comfortably and with ease doesn’t require perfect posture, or a ton of  strength or flexibility. 

What IS required is good use of your skeleton, and the surface that’s supporting you. What you need are movement patterns that allow you to spread the work of sitting through your entire system so no one area of yourself does more than its fair share of work.  

How do you use your skeleton and develop those movement patterns?

By going to the source of what creates and controls your movement patterns...which is, as you know, your brain. 

And THIS is what the work I do is GREAT at. 

The changes have to happen at the level of your brain so your movement patterns become efficient, well coordinated... with everything working together in harmony.

In the Finding Your Seat program--

You’ll be getting at the root source of the problems and you’ll feel first hand, from the very first lesson, how improving your underlying, general movement patterns will improve your comfort in sitting right away.

You’ll feel how getting your pelvis and head connected in a super smart, mobile way will improve your sitting no matter what your posture. 

You’ll feel how improving your breathing and the freedom of your ribs won’t just make  your sitting feel easier and more comfortable, but your arms will feel  lighter and your head and neck will too

With the six lessons in this  program, not only will your sitting feel better, YOU’ll feel better doing pretty much whatever you want to do.

- Your Special -


If you don't feel a change after doing all the lessons in the program, I'll give you a full refund, no questions asked.

Acture would perhaps be a better word for it. 

~Moshe Feldenkrais

This work is so powerful. Again, I’ll just reiterate, it gets to the root of the problem. Its changed how I move and how I live, really.

It’s been life changing.   ~Lorraine Mueller

Your lessons are truly valuable to me.

I always felt that I was born  a Clydesdale horse.... strong and sturdy. But nowadays I catch myself trying out a softer, more fluid way of tackling things. I feel so much lighter!

Thanks for everything.    ~L.S.

Awareness Through Movement® lessons give me a  “lightness of being” and I needs more of that in her life.   ~C.P. 


$57 CAD One Time
  • 6 Awareness Through Movement® Lessons
  • Free Upgrades & Bonuses for Life
  • Stream from anywhere with internet
  • Effortless, Comfortable Sitting
  • ~$45 US
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